The 4 apps I'd hate to live without

My current 4 favourite apps (for business and pleasure)

1. Hootsuite. I've been using it for a few years now, and cannot imagine not being able to use it for my business. Its a twitter platform (if you're not sure what that means, it means you access your twitter account via it, but with added capability). If you're still using twitter directly and want to 'up your twitter' game I strongly suggest switching. It's free, and really allows you to do so much more.

2. Google Drive. This is techincally an 'app' for Google Chrome, my browser on my laptop, but I use it with my phone too. I adore Google Drive. Its your own little cloud storage system, which you can access anywhere. I use it to create and store all of my documents (I don't have any Word or Excel type programmes clogging up my laptop, just work directly in Google). I also use it to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop with just one click. 

3. WhatsApp. This is a super obvious one, as I don't know many people who don't now use WhatsApp as the key way of communicating with their friends electronically. Gone are the days of £0.12p text messages, and hello to the wide open world of internet messaging in your pocket. I use it for business (to communicate with the fabulous salon staff without disturbing our working days) as well as for pleasure. WhatsApp has become such a key part of online dating, and I also adore its group function. Me and my best pals have a group chat, to avoid the need to repeat ourselves over and over to each other.

4. Money Dashboard. I've cheated a bit with this one. This isn't a favourite app just yet, but my goal is to make it one. Its a graphically beautiful way of tracking your spending, and I'd love to get more of a handle on my finances. I'm a 'hide the bank statement in the drawer' kind of girl. It's free too.

Do you have any favourite apps you'd hate to live without?