The 3 reasons I didn't weigh myself when I started eating well and exercising

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I recently blogged a before/after picture of my body (eeek!) and although I managed to lose all of the wonderful comments you guys left, I really appreciated everyone's support so far. I have been asked about my actual weight loss and/or measurements but I didn't take any!

I only took the before pictures, and have concentrated on noticing the changes in my body.

So why didn't I weigh myself?

1. I am trying to focus on being fit and strong. If I built more muscle, it could be possible to be smaller, but the same weight or heavier.


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So by following my weight I could very well be judging myself using an invalid measurement.

2. If I become fixated on reaching a certain number, or losing a set amount, I may well feel like I'm failing, when actually, I'm consistently moving towards my goal. I shouldn't feel like a failure, when I am choosing the right things, and deep down we all know what the right things are.

I don't want a feeling of failure to feature in my life. I don't want to feel good one week when I hit the number, and then disappointed the next if I don't. It is possible to just feel good at my consistant better choices.

3. There is no specific end to my journey. I want to be healthier and stronger forever, and getting focused on numbers or measurements doesn't fit with this goal for me. It implied a magic number where I'll be 'finished'.

 Numbers may work for some people, but for me, how my clothes fit and how my body feels is enough for me!