Date Night Cooking - Quinoa encrusted chickpea burgers

I barely cook anything, but I made these burgers last night and they were bloody yummy, so I thought I'd share the original recipe, along with my real life adaptions.

The original recipe was in the ES magazine, and was "Beetroot and Chickpea Burgers" by Rachel Khoo.

  1. The first step was to pulse the chickpeas with salt, pepper and lemon zest until it turns to crumbs. We didn't have a food processor so we smooshed the chickpeas with a fork in a bowl. I don't add salt and pepper to food, and I didn't add the zest either.
  2. Next we were supposed to add the egg and beetroot and pulse until it comes together. Now, we looked in two supermarkets and neither had raw beetroot, so I decided to use carrot instead. I figured they're both sweet root veggies. I bought pre-shredded carrot as we couldn't pulse/blend.
  3. Now came to add the onion, grated halloumi and breadcrumbs. Didn't really know how to make breadcrumbs without a blender, so we grated it and it seemed ok. At this stage we may have added an extra egg. Sorry for missing that on my ingredient list.
  4. Shape into burger shapes, and pour quinoa onto a plate so you can place the burger into it, to coat both sides. I was unsure whether it was meant to be dry quinoa, as the recipe wasn't clear, but I'd bought one of those pouches of ready to eat quinoa, as the shop didn't have the regular dry stuff.
  5. Heat oil in a pan and fry for about 3 minutes either side.

They were yummy! I'd definitely make and eat them again!