Thai Koasi - My first Thai Massage

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

My back has given me a lot of grief since I was 15. I have had physio, chiropractic manipulation, and massage, and when I worked for other people I had to have a special chair bought for me (you'll have seen it at Rockalily Cuts if you've visited). I'm a big advocate for massage; I did a short qualification in two types of massage a few years ago, and I exchange massages with my boyfriend regularly. When I was at school my mother would give me a massage a few times a week to help.

So, I'm a massage fan. This meant it was a no brainer when Thai Kosai, a new Thai massage boutique down near Spitalfields Market (down the road from me and my salon) offered me a massage to review, I accepted with no hesitation!

massage in spitalfields

If you haven't had a massage before, they'll walk you to your room, and leave you for a few minutes to take your clothes off. Strip to your pants, and lay down with the towel covering you (facing down, not up). I know a fear of not knowing the etiquette can put some people off!

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I have to say, right from the start, it was different to any massage I've had before. It started with what felt like acupressure, rather than the more regular/expected stroking. She pressed all parts of my body, keeping her hands over the towel. It was pretty fascinating when there were certain parts she would apologise in advance of pressing them; she knew they'd hurt. It felt almost diagnostic. I love that sort of stuff! It was if she was listening to pressure points in my body. 

After the dry pressure point pressing, it moved onto the more predictable oil and stroking type massage, which was still perfectly pressured (hard!). I always find people can't apply enough pressure, but blimey I've never met anyone with stronger hands than this masseuse.

It was time to flip over to my front, and after some arm and leg acupressure type stuff, oh my gosh she moved onto my belly. This is pretty unusual for massage in the UK, and it feels oddly uncomfortable. She pressed down, for quite a substantial amount of time, right in the middle. It was really painful! Just a weird feeling. I didn't ask her to stop, as I wanted to embrace whatever it was she was doing. She tried to explain to me, but told me she lacked the English words to describe it adequately. She mentioned that many women lift it up themselves every morning, before going to the toilet. That you're lifting something up? 

thai kosai

My hair was rather epic afterwards!

It was the firmest massage I've ever had, which was a relief, as I'm always wanting it to be harder. She obviously would have let it be softer should I have wanted, but I love feeling those moments of pain too. You know it's working then!

It was such a shame having to put my handbag back over my shoulder to walk home, its what creates a lot of the tension and pain in the first place!