Teachers Rock - So we are giving a discount on haircuts in the summer holiday

I was sat on the train today, listening to people talk about their children's teachers. It was hard to keep quiet, as they said judged 'teachers'.

As an ex-teacher, I can get pretty passionate about the subject! Of course, as in any profession, there are good, bad and average teachers, but on the whole, most teachers want to do a good job. They want to help children learn; its why they're a teacher.

The system makes it harder and harder to be an awesome teacher, the joy feels like its slowly being sucked from the classroom. It makes me all so sad. In an ideal world, if I had children, I'd love to homeschool them. The system is letting us all down.

On a lighter note, it gave me an idea. Its the summer holidays now.....so if you're a teacher and fancy a Rockalily haircut, you can now get 20% off a cut on any weekday in July or August. 

Head over to Rockalily Cuts on Facebook to get your voucher. You will need to prebook your appointment, and then bring your voucher and teacher ID when you visit.