Tatty Divine and Ella Masters

Last week I popped in Tatty Divine on Brick Lane to see an exhibition from my friend Ella Masters after she had collaborated with them. I didn't need much pushing to go and have a drink while surrounded by lovely jewellery.

The exhibition was to launch their new zodiac collection, but I did get a little distracted by their other stuff too.

Love this tiger necklace, would look amazing against a simple black or white shirt.

I reckon a good test if you're the same age as me is if you yelled out, "Dreamphone" when you saw this necklace.

If you're a little young or old to recall this board game, you basically tried to work out which man was your secret admirer.

It must be so fun to design for someone like Tatty Divine; "what weird stuff can we be inspired by today? Ooooh I know, a 90s boardgame. Genius."