Tattoos: The Aftermath

I have previously given my experience of taking care of a new tattoo, and since then have used another product with my latest tattoo (Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish!).

I stumbled across some photos of some of my tattoos looking a little sorry for themselves!



This is the gunk that came off mine on the first day. This was me removing the cling film to give is a really good clean! This one is on my collar bone, and also bruised beautifully!


Here is my arm. Oddly, the aftermath of this tattoo was the worst. My whole arm was so swollen it felt it could burst at any time. My ring cut into me, and my skin was so bouncy and awful. It hurt to move it, and I felt pretty miserable! My wrist is actually quite bony, and the swelling made all my bones disappear!


This is the picture Valerie Vargas took after she did my lovely lady portrait. You can see the redness as well as the swelling on the left hand side of the photo. My whole arm is distorted.

I love my tattoos, and keep getting them, but these photos act as a reminder of the extreme nature of what I am doing to my body!

I get asked a lot whether getting tattoos hurt.....clearly they do. However the pain isn't enough to stop a lot of people getting more done. They hurt me, and no I don't enjoy the pain. I hate the aftermath even more! However for me, they're worth it.