Tattoos - Having to defend my own choices to strangers

Obviously the world is full of people who see the world differently, and make different choices to each other. For the most part, we silently judge and reflect on each other's different choices, as manners and polite society doesn't allow us to comment out loud.

That suits me fine. People's fashion choices are their business, and why would they even care if I liked their look or not? 

But for reasons unknown to me, tattoos seem to transcend these rules. Many people seem to believe that tattoos are up for public discussion, even though you're only sat next to me on a bus.


Today a lady, in her 60s decided to start talking to me, asking 'What are you going to do when you're 80 and your skin is all wrinkled and saggy?'

Firstly, why is it her business? I'm not hurting her, and my tattoos aren't offensive. I don't comment on what she wears, or how she cuts her hair.

Secondly, and what I said to her; I don't know many eighty year old women who have all their flesh out for people to enjoy and stare at. There aren't many 80 year old women rocking their bikini down in their local parks for the young men to perve over. There really aren't many eighty year olds who has nice looking skin, skin look old. What difference will it make whether it has ink in it? Perhaps I prefer wrinkled skin with tattoos on it?

Now, this lady wasn't being particularly nasty, just curious I guess. But I'm not sure why people think tattoos are fair game for discussion. Why isn't it seen as a bit personal and not polite to ask a stranger?

Or maybe I should start asking people about their fashion and lifestyle choices.....and whether they'll regret them when they're old?

ETA - As per a comment below, is this actually more of a feminist issue? Do tattooed men get as many comments and public questioning as tattooed women do? What do you think? Does society generally comment more on women's bodies?