Tattoo Removal......

The gorgeoue Emily Divine has been tweeting about her tattoo removal, and I had to find out more!

This is a photo of Emily's star tattoo after two tattoo removal sessions.

Here is the tattoo after 5 treatments.....looking a little more sore!

Here is the most recent picture, after treament 6....I've yet to want to remove any of my tattoos, and I'm curious to find out why you would go through the expense and pain of it!

ReeRee: Describe your tattoo and why you got it.

Emily: I got a star on my hand. I was sixteen years old when my friend and I decided we would go, ‘because we could’. We went along to a dodgy little parlour where they didn’t I.D. anybody, and like an idiot, I picked spontaneously.

ReeRee: When did you start to have doubts about your tattoo?

Emily: I think it was only a day or two afterwards, when someone suggested I might not like it in the future that I plainly said ‘I can always have it removed’. From then on I knew I would end up having it removed at some point.

ReeRee: What reactions did you get from other people about your tattoo?

Emily: Most people liked it; it was fairly small and inoffensive. However, when I became a nurse I suddenly had a lot of old ladies telling me I’d ruined my hands and that I’d regret it. Duh, I already did, they were just making it worse. After two years of criticism from various oldies, I decided to take the plunge at last!

ReeRee: How much did the tattoo cost and what will the removal of it cost?

Emily: To have my tattoo in the first place, it cost a measly £18. To have it removed, it costs £40 for each session. I’ve just had my last session, which was my sixth and so it’s cost me £240 over the last year.

ReeRee: What is the tattoo removal process like?

Emily: The removal process is ridiculously unpleasant. I place my hand under a robotic arm thing (good description, I know) which is the laser. You and the doctor have to wear glasses to protect your eyes (not that I ever have mine open anyway!) and you have to make sure not to move. There’s a loud bang noise and a tiny dot is lasered . Basically, that is repeated round the whole tattoo and for me, it takes around 5-10 minutes – but my tattoo was small. It’s incredibly painful; much more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place. Afterwards, the tattoo blisters and goes very red. If that’s not inconvenient enough, you also can’t get it wet – think showers with your arm out of the curtain. After a week or two, the blistering turns to a scab (glamorous eh!) and eventually when it falls off, there is noticeably less of your tattoo there.

ReeRee: Would you (or have you!) been tattooed again?

Emily:  I have been tattooed again – twice! I have some Smiths lyrics on my ribs and a feather on my side. I love the tattoos I have now because they weren’t spontaneous. I planned them for months to ensure I was certain and am still really happy with them. Don’t get a tattoo thinking getting it removed is an easy option if you don’t like it anymore; take it from me, it’s expensive and painful!