Tara Starlet Launches Lingerie Range


This evening I attended the launch event for Tara Starlet's new lingerie range. Now, if you don't know about the gorgeous Tara, take a look at my Inspiration Women: Tara Starlet interview.

The collection includes camisoles, half-slips, French knickers and full slips. My favourite were the half slips (for wearing under a skirt). They were a thick silk material, and felt very luxiourous. I believe they will retail for about £35.

The event started at 4:30 but us ladies got chatting for so long that I left 5 and a half hours later - whoops!

It was a great opportunity to have a catch up with a lot of fabulous ladies I haven't seen for a while. The gorgeous Vintage Mafia were of course in attendance, and I got to meet Miss Turnstiles in real life finally! What a stunning lady!

We also had the pleasure of Immodesty Blaize attending to check out the new range, who was so pretty in real life! 

I really need to get better at taking pictures at events, I'm always too caught up with enjoying myself!