Talia Castellano - Inspiration can come from many places

Sometimes my inspiration doesn't come from the business world, and today's comes from Talia Castellano, a 13 year who has become a make up artist, become an honourary Cover Girl, and had 35 million youtube views.








Talia found a love of make up when she was about 7 years old when she was first diagnosed with cancer, and I am presuming it is now all self taught.

She has inspired me for a few reasons, but before I start, if you haven't read about her before, here is one of the videos from the Ellen show.

and here is a fun reminder of how young she is, it's easy to forget when you see how mature and well spoken she is.

Talia has lived an entire lifetime of cancer, and yet has such a glowly, positive and go-getting attitude. Her parents must be so proud of her and the job they have done. It must be a house full of love.

She has found a passion and got great at it, her make up is beautiful, and she's 13! How is mine so terrible?!

She speaks to the camera with ease, presents a confident and happy persona and clearly will go far, no matter what she decides to do (be in make up or something else).

Talia's body acceptance is inspiration for so many people. She is rocking having no hair like no one else I have seen. Being a teenager sucks at the best of times, and yet Talia refuses to fall into what I presume I would if I lost my hair - the obsession with covering my head. She is showing the world no shame, and rightly so. Life waits for no man and Talia is grabbing it with both hands and running with it. It's pretty awesome.

Talia seems to have a motto for when times are tough, and gosh she must have a lot of tough.