Taking street furniture - one of the things that warms my heart

Sometimes, you just get a feel-good feeling, and finding or giving pavement furniture is one of those things for me. Last year I found a small sofa on the street by my door, and despite nearly killing myself lifting it alone up the stairs, I loved that I gave a home to a piece of furniture that most people wouldn't want. 

We recently upgraded the salon chairs (woohoo!) and so I had the dilemma of what to do with our three old ones. They're pretty useless, but you can definitely still sit on them! It seems such a waste to throw away furniture that could still find a purpose in the world.

So I decided to put them outside the salon, with signs saying 'take me'. Within an hour all three had been taken.

It gave me a small buzz because I wasn't stuck with the problem of getting rid of them, and two people enjoyed a freebie, which they must have had a use for. We saved landfill space, and saved people money. We also saved me carting them off to the dump. Win, win, win.

Have you ever found furniture on the street and rescued it?