Taking Protein Powders After The Gym

You may have been following my fitness and food  changes over the last year and I've recently been discussing my progress with a personal trainer. I don't work out that often, I'd say once or twice a week, but I've plateaued in progress, and progress is what keeps it interesting!

I was advised to step into the world of protein powders! I was then luckily enough to be sent some Ultra Protein Whey from Wellman Optimuscle to sample and review - woohoowhey!

I've been advised to try just a sneaky shake immediately after my workout; to almost  imagine a 15 minute window when I should be drinking it. So today I became the sort of person who takes a shake to the gym. Gosh.

I had been warned that it would taste gross and to just neck it like a shot, but luckily this was delicious. Just like a chocolate milkshake. 

So, watch this space. Apparently I should notice that progression kicks in again (being able to lift heavier, run faster etc), and also apparently my muscles will get firmer/leaner.

 I know many women are scared of 'bulking', but trust me ladies, for ladies (and men!) it takes so much work, effort and dedication to working out hard and eating very specifically. No one gets bulked/ripped by accident.