Taking myself out on a feminist date

suffragette film

Yesterday I awoke with a BBQ hangover, and looked out to see another hot day ahead of us. I didn't want to waste it, but didn't have any plans, so I googled what was happening today. Turned out that there was a free outdoor cinema screening of the film 'Suffragette' followed by a panel discussion. Perfect!

It was the perfect day to sit in a park, and I only regretted not bringing a cushion, after an ignored fleeting considersation to. I sprawled out and enjoyed listening to some actors who read (what I presumed to be accurate) speeches, as if we were back in time, hearing people give speeches for and against votes for women. Speeches were so critical then, as a way of spreading ideas and winning favour. The actors were great, and I really enjoyed hearing from the suffragettes, the suffragists, women against women getting the vote, and the men.

The film started, and I blame the sunshine for the 25 minutes I slept through. I enjoyed it though! It told the suffragette story through the experience of the average working women, who were so critical in the movement, but whose story hasn't yet been told by Hollywood. It showed how women lost their homes, their children and their jobs. Watching Emily Davison step out in front of the king's horse made my heart stop, despite knowing it was about to happen!

deeds not words

There was a panel discussion afterwards, with some historians, including Helen Pankhurst, the great granddaughter of Emmeline, and granddaughter of Sylvia. I couldn't resist getting a book signed afterwards.

It's been too long since I just went out and did something nice, flying solo. I guess it's harder during winter, but summer, especially summer in London makes it much easier!