Taking myself out on a date

I woke up and the day didn't get off to the best start.  I had a little cry, and then got myself into a lovely dress, got my face on, and headed out. I'm a believer in acknowledging down moments, but not allowing them to drag on. It was my day off, but I hadn't made any specific plans, so I took myself out on a mini date.

I went for coffee and lunch, followed by a cheeky glass of wine in the pub. Yup, all on my lonesome. As an only child I've always been fine in my own company. I've been on holidays on my own, travelled on my own, and will often go and eat lunch alone. I promise that no one sees a person on their own and thinks, "Gosh that person must have no friends, what a sad life they must lead." If they notice you at all, they're either just thinking you must be hungry, thirsty or just have work/thoughts to process. No one cares.

Tomorrow's another day. Bring it on.