Take Your Dog To Work Day - June 21st 2013

It's Take Your Dog To Work Day this week and I was interviewed by Pets Pyjamas about my shop dog Ellington. It's a super cute site, 'where smart pet lovers go' so I decided to take a peek around and do some dream window shopping for Ellie.


This is a luxury ceramic caravan which costs £1047.00

Aiming for the stars with this retro 24 carat gold bed for £4,356

Ellington has a damaged throat and so only wear harnesses, rather than collars, and this tweed one is super cute! Its £26.00

We could go for a more rockabilly dog bed with this sailor boat dog bed, £34.99. I'm not sure my yorkshire terrier could climb in this one, but its fab, and proves that Pets Pyjamas covers all price brackets! We don't all need a gold dogs bed ;-)

I love varisty jackets and I can definitely see Ellinton in an E bandana! These are a bargain £5

Do you take your dog to work?