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Rockalily Styles - I heart Vegas

Oooh the sun has come back out, lovely lovely!

I'm yet to find comfy summer shoes, so I'm wearing trainers for comfort, as I knew I'd be walking a fair bit today.

 These look quite comfy from Clarks (I may try them out)


Dita Von Teese - Style Inspiration with £10 #styleonabudget

Welcome to #styleonabudget, a blog challenge where we use a fabulous and famous lady as our inspiration for a £10 style challenge.

This first challenge is Dita Von Teese - a tough challenge as she's known for expensive tastes! This challenge if open to all, whether you're a style or beauty blogger. You can create a head-to-toe fashion look with your £10 or alternatively a beauty look for the same amount. Then we get to be nosy and see how we've all got on!

Make sure you tweet us or link to us so we can all see how we've fared. I never said it would be easy ;-)

I gave myself one shopping trip for the challenge, and hit about 4 charity shops. I was looking for either a pencil skirt or a full skirt, but I knew a pencil skirt would be  more likely!

I knew I'd have to buy some super high heels, as Dita doesn't often rock a comfy shoe! These are the highest shoes I've ever worn!

I bought:

A sheer top with satin bow - £3.50

Pencil skirt with leather-look panel - £4

High Heels - £2.50

I spent exactly £10!

How do you think I did?

Fancy joining in? Have a go! Let Dita inspire you with a tenner! #styleonabudget




Rockabilly Wedding Shoes - White

Are you getting married with an alternative or rockabilly twist? You may however, still want white shoes, but the tradititional ones on offer seem a tad dull?

 How about taking a peek at some of these white wedding shoes with a twist?

These three shoes are from Irregular Choice's wedding shoes department:

Vivienne Westwood do these kissable shoes for £155

 Miss L Fire Shoes offer these two cute white pairs, which would ace with vintage dress.

If you fancy spending more on your shoes, how about some Louboutin heels for your rockabilly wedding day?

If £700 isn't quite your budget, how about on the high street at Office? I particularly love the idea of white brogues!

How about these cute white shoes from Pin Up Couture? These ones are a tad more traditional.

Where did you get your wedding shoes from? Did you go for a cheeky colour, or a more traditional white/ivory?



Clarks and Liberty - Chorus Voice

 I recently blogged about a sneak peek of the new Clark's Liberty range, and here is my review of my sample pair.

I adore Clarks, and if you searched my blog, you would see that I have been wearing their shoes for years. I have a very bad back, and find Clarks give me the support I need. I don't really wear high heels, but on the rare occaison that I do, they're always Clarks heels.

I had been meant to receive the red heels, as red shoes match a lot of my outfits, but got these nude/pink ones instead. Now, not a colour I would ever pick, but I definitely think that come summer, I may be pleased to have such a light colour to wear with dresses - all of my shoes tend to be dark shades.

The shoes are suede, and it does make them seem a little dirty? I guess this a failing with any pale suede colours on a shoe?

As predicted, they feel super comfortable, I wouldn't expect any less from Clarks! If only I could buy shares in the company, I'd pimp them out more!

I'm sure I'll take them to Vegas next month, so keep an eye out for outfit posts with them in!


Clarks and Liberty

I don't currently post much about current fashions, but I have blogged about my love of Clarks shoes more than once! So when I received a sneak peek at the Liberty collaboration with them, I thought some of you may find it interesting too!

I don't really wear heels, but the very few I do, are from Clarks, so I'll be curious to try the red heels on. They definitely have a cute vintage edge to them, hopefully with the comfort I usually associate with Clarks!



Feeling sexy in flat shoes?

After swearing off high heels, I have started planning the new shoes I can add to my wish list!

So can flat shoes make me feel as sexy as high heels? I darned well will make sure! My sexiness is no longer going to be connected to me hurting and feeling vulnerable.

These brogues are from New Look for £19.99

These cute summery yellow pumps are from New Look for £29.99

These are really delicate and dainty looking! From Oasis, £35.

These do have a small heel, but its chunky and safe looking, so I would be tempted to try it out. These are from Irregular Choice and cost £69.99.

These patent leather brogues are the flat version of some gorgeous heels I had from Clarks before (which sadly killed my poor spine). So I want these to replace then! Clarks, £49.99.

These summery blue ones are also from Clarks £49.99

If I want a tiny bit of height these leopard print wedges would be perfect! Office, £45.

Really dainty ones perfect for a picnic! Office £25.


The shoes I want the most at the moment...? These:

Office. £44.99. I may be buying these soon........


Feminism - Why I am giving up high heels

Today I attended day two of Women of the World, and one seemingly harmless debate really riled the crowd.

'I am a Feminist. Can I Vajazzle?'

The atmosphere quickly got pretty intense - more so than any other session I had been to. I think this is largely because this area of beauty and feminism is still pretty split and undecided amongst feminists. Most of the other issues are easier to agree and find common ground with others, yet this idea of suffering for beauty split the crowd pretty much down the middle.

On one side, the idea that feminism supports women making choices. It is your pubic area and only you should get to decide what happens down there. If you want to rip the hair out and stick little jewels on it, it is your business.

On the opposing side was that vajazzling adds to idea that our bodies are not good enough. Even our vaginas/vulvas are not good enough anymore. Vajazzles support an idea that women need to spend even more money to make their bodies acceptable. 

This teeny summary clearly doesn't represent all of the arguments put forward. I can't blog it all here- it would go on for pages!

The women in the room were angry. I think women are getting angrier about the pressures we feel about what we look like, how we feel we need to look, and the value placed on our looks. 

On the way home, I suddenly thought about high heels. High heels hurt me. They are uncomfortable. Men don't wear them. By the time I had made it home I had decided, I don't want to wear high heels anymore.


Why I'm giving up high heels

  1. They make my bad back worse. During wear and the day after. I can't believe it isn't making my back worse long term as well.

  2. Men don't wear them. In fact, do men wear anything that is uncomfortable?

  3. They make movement more difficult.

  4. We have somehow been taught that the shape high heels makes our bodies is sexier. My walk and my body are awesome enough. 

  5. They make me more vulnerable. I can't run and I may trip.

  6. I feel ok in flat. I can move with ease and can relax.

  7. I do other things which make me feel more confident/sexy....none of these other things cause long lasting damage too my body. High heels do.

  8. We look back at how women used to permantly disfigure themselves with corsets and lead based make-up. I'm not sure how this is all that different.

  9. Men don't wear them. They manage to feel confident and sexy without discomfort.