Rockalily Style - Viva Las Vegas 18

My hair is in that middle stage, where I either want to cut it shorter again, or perservere. I keep giving in and cutting it shorter, so this time I'm trying to stick with it and get it to a 'lob' length. I really don't like it this length though.

I'm wearing my Viva Las Vegas tshirt, as it's nearly Viva time again! Viva Las Vegas is an annual Rockabilly weekender in Las Vegas, held every Easter.

I first went back in 2010, and in total I've been 3 times so far.

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Las Vegas - My Tips to Make Your Holiday Even More Kick Arse



I'd always presumed I'd written this blog post, but it appears not! So finally, here is my advice for making your Las Vegas holiday rock.

I've been to Vegas 4 times, and adored it more each and every time! Some people say that a weekend is enough, but I'd always prefer a week. There's a lot to do (and I don't even gamble!)

I've already blogged my advice for going to Viva Las Vegas (the rockabilly weekender), and shared my tips for vintage shopping in Vintage Life Magazine but haven't yet collated my general advice for enjoying Vegas in style!

So here it goes!

1. Thrift shopping is bleeding ace. You'll have to come away from the main strip, it's quite a taxi ride, so maybe do as we did, and get the bus; it's all part of the experience right?! The thrift stores (charity shops) aren't run  to make a profit like ours are, they're more focused on providing clothing for people unable to buy new clothes, and they provide a lot of employment for people needing a chance. This basically means they're cheap. Not only are they cheap, they're huge. And there's lots of them, all along the same main road.

2. Your comfy shoes won't be comfy in Vegas. Las Vegas is so huge. It's part of what makes it amazing. You'll walk for miles. Things that are next to each other on a map, are surprisingly far apart in reality. Shops that are in the same mall, are 25 minutes away. Bring comfy shoes, and be prepared to have to buy new ones after your feet have swollen in the heat.

3. If you want to pose by the Vegas sign, you'll need to get a cab to it.

4. The Arts District is worth treking to. It's basically a neighbourhood, where real people live, and is full of antique and vintage stores. Residents call it 18b apparently, I call it the Vintage District. We got a very long bus ride there, and a super sweet customer as one of the vintage stores offered to drive us back!

5. You don't have to enjoy gambling to enjoy Vegas. It wasn't until my 4th visit that I finally did much more than simply pose by slot machines. On my last trip I finally decided to face my nerves and gamble a little bit. I was nervous of annoying real gamblers, so we found a table that was empty, with a croupier who was more than happy to help us. There are many types of poker where the dealer is actually allowed to help you with your cards, so find one of those! Once you're gambling, the drinks are free. Oh yes, it isn't a myth. The servers will ask if you want to order anything, and they won't need paying for (but do tip). This is a very clever ploy to keep you gambling longer, and drunker, but if you're smart, it can be a fun experince! 

6. The Neon Museum has changed a lot since I first visited, but I've been 3 times, and would return again. You get to take photos that won't quit, and learn a lot about the history of Vegas, mafia and all!

Vegas is brash, bold and brilliant. Explore the hotels, sunbathe by a 5* hotel, party on a pooltop night club, pig out at a buffet. Marvel at the modern architecture, and the kitsch trashiness of a city born a mere 110 years ago.

#vlv17 Viva Las Vegas 2014 - some of the best photos of the weekender

what to pack viva las vegas 2014.jpg

This suitcase from @pinupdollx. Wow.

rockabilly girl viva las vegas 2014.jpg

Bri's @miss_bri_lamour hashtag while she was getting ready #takingmysweetasstime

ginger watson winning.jpg

Ginger @gingerwatson winning Miss Viva Las Vegas 17

gorgeous rockabilly ladies.jpg

Tifa @tifa_hogberg and her gorgeous friends showing the Viva virgins how it's done.

pink rockabilly hair and green rockabilly hair.jpg

Xanthia @xanthiapink rocking her bright pink hair and brows alongside @tinatokyo

neon boneyard viva17.jpg

Jenny @jennyeloiserieu posing at the Neon Boneyard.

opening a can.jpg

Anthony's @thexplague picture of his friend's attempt at getting pineapple chunks for a cocktail without a can opener.

brittany jane sunglasses.jpg

Brittany's @ilovebrittanyjane amazing sunglasses.

vintage mexican skirt.jpg

Wendy's @lovelywendylu vintage skirts.

winning at viva las vegas 17.jpg

Cherry @thecherrydollface winning over $200 on $20.

kandi is badass.jpg

Kandy K @kandyisbadass finding her very own sign. 

ruby rockabilly.jpg

Miss Ruby's hangover/sun blindness after a night of dancing till morn'.

Viva Las Vegas 2014 - The best hair of #vlv17

Visiting (or spying using social media) Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is such a hair-spiring place to be. I thought I'd round up some of the best hair inspiration for your very own rockabilly hair-spiration.

I follow Ruby @missrockabillyruby on instagram, as she's a kick arse American vintage hairstylist (she's also on our wall in the salon from past Vivas!) but this look she wore to the pool party has to be my favourite hairstyle of hers yet! The perfect blonde poodle served with a dollop of rockabilly attitude.

Talking of rockabilly attitude, another Viva Las Vegas favourite is of course Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt, who took her inspiration from a 1959 Barbie. Perfection. A high pony with a mini poodle curl at the front.

Dixie @dixiedpinup has the perfect swimming pool hairdo - again a high pony tail, but she has added a single roll at the front, and created a garland of hair flowers - it's Vegas, why not?!


Shelly @shellyruiz1983 has amazing height to her fringe, I can only imagine its a ton of back combing under that sleek exterior! Gorgeous.

Raquel Reed @ihateraquelreed is one to follow if you want to see hair with attitude! 

Yasmin @vampdecarlo proves that hair doesn't have to be 'set', with this glam 60s look. Sleek but lots of volume.

Renai @renaiholidai shows us how to rock perfect victory rolls at her photoshoot at VLV.


Another #VLV favourite, Jasmin @vintagevandal is super friendly, and her outfits are always stand-out (which is tricky at VLV!). I love her rocking poodle do here.

Courtney @pinupcourtney  has two super cute rolls, and I love how they go in opposite ways to meet/kiss in the middle.

#vlv17 Rockabilly glasses - vintage and modern frames

If you know anything about me, you may well  know I love wearing vintage glasses. I decided to spot some bespectacled beauties at Viva Las Vegas #vlv17

The gorgeous @winter_fate is wearing a two piece I'd love to steal from her wardrobe, and some fabulous glasses.

Danielle @dottiej proves that glasses aren't just for casual or lazy looks. I adore vintage frames with vintage dresses. This dress is incredible.


Cassandra @laseguefalret has matched her party glasses to her luscious red hair. Love this look.

You don't have to wear vintage frames, I love these modern rockabilly glasses that Erika @bob_from_sales is wearing.

Another modern look from @p0ly_r0k3tt , I love matchy colour schemes!

You can't beat a classic catseye frame for the ultimate rockabilly look though. @senniavond_ looks kickarse at the Viva Car Show in hers!