Rockalily Cuts - Triple Awards Finalist

This week Rockalily Cuts recieved 3 finalist positions, two in the Salon Business Awards 2018 and one in the Hair Awards 2018. There is no voting to promote, we just need to wait and see!

Even if we don't win, being nominated against some big-boy chains is still something to be proud of. 

rockalily cuts team 2018

My salon has been open over 6 years now, and from a crazy impulsive dream from a blogger with no experience, to a really kickarse little business with 5 members of staff (plus me!) it's been a really colourful journey.

I'm so proud of my team, and so pleased that we have so many loyal and lovely clients. Thank you if you've ever visited us, or ever told someone about us. 

So we're up for 'London Salon' in the Hair Awards 2018, and 'Digital Salon' and 'Ultimate Salon' in the Salon Business Awards 2018. It would be amazing to win, but as a small independent I don't expect to. However the finalist positions feel pretty awesome as they are! Wish us luck!

A quick chat with Charley - Rockalily Cuts' manager

"I started hairdressing at 15, back in 2005. I needed a saturday job while I was at school, and I stuck with it as I like the creativity, and every day feels brand new. 

I'd been told about Rockalily Cuts, and it looked like you guys were having more fun than I was at my current salon so I applied! And I've now been at Rockalily Cuts for 3 years. I've been presented with lots of awesome opportunities and I have a lot of fun. I get to do fun colours every day, and get really creative. We have a great team, and really fab customers."

rockalily hair products

"My current favourite products? I like Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Power (which we use and sell at Rockalily Cuts) as it doesn't feel producty, and gives great volume. Loreal Techni Art Constructor is a great salon product. I use it when I use straighteners as my heat protectorr and to stop fly aways. Layrite, again a product we both use and sell at the salon, my favourite is the blue one. It's easy to apply, easy to spread on hands, and easy to wash out. I also love Bed Head Tigi Maxxed Out; it's great for curly blow dries."

"What makes a great client? Someone who knows what they like, but trusts us enough to take advice. And anyone who keeps their head still!

What makes a bad client? Someone who doesnt listen, or take advice. Lateness. Or no shows.

Why do people get nervous?  Previous bad experiences, which is completely understandable. They don't know how to explain what they want (btw the solution is bringing photos!). Being somewhere new can be intimidating too.

Not everyone can afford to tip, or wants to tip, and I really don't expect it. I'm always really grateful for any tips, even just £1 is appreciated. The best tip I ever got was £100! I was once tipped free concert tickets, when I cut Paul Weller's hair. He gave everyone in the salon (when I worked in Portobello Road) tickets for his gig that evening. Paul was grounded and awesome, and the gig was amazing!"

How would I describe I personal style? Varied! From everything from rockabilly to 90s hipster. I like coming to work wearing what I want, it puts me in a better mind frame, I'm up and ready for work once I've got done up. I even wear heels; they make me sassy and empowered. Like I'm ready to take on the world. I really enjoy getting ready for work, especially as we're not like other salons where you wear all black.

If you're considering getting into hair, you'll need to love it. Its long hours and can be tiring, pay isn't always great. If you don't love it, it's not worth it. One great tip is that the best juniors make the best stylists. How hard you work as a junior is noticed by everyone. You learn the skills you need as a junior, even when it doesn't feel like you're learning anything.

If I could do anyone's hair, I'd love to get my hands on Yolandi Visser, from Die Antwood.

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I'd love to put some colour in her hair as she's so famously white blonde, and give her haircut a Chelsea girl spin.

You can follow Charley, Rockalily Cuts' manager on instagram ---> Chaz Todd.

How often do you really need to get your hair cut?

how often do I need a haircut

"You really should get your hair cut, little and often," is a well-repeated, and often hated phrase that you'll hear from your hairdresser. If you're trying to grow your hair, your anxiety levels will sky-rocket when your stylists insists it's time for a trim. 

Are we saying it to make more money from you, or because your hair actually needs cutting that regularly? I'm here to help smash some haircutting myths.

green hair extended root

1. "Your hair will grow faster if you trim it regularly" - Clearly this is nonsense. Hair grows from the root, and we're cutting the ends off. It doesn't impact how fast your hair leaves your scalp, but it's based on a truth of sorts. What does happen, when you don't trim your hair, is that your split ends continue splitting...upwards. So when you eventually cut it, you'll need even more cut off, to get rid of your split ends. If you can imagine your hair strand like a cheese string, split ends peel upwards, and can only be removed with scissors. If you leave the string/split too long, it just continues to split, higher and higher.

So yes, cutting your hair little and often, can mean that in the end, your hair can remain longer, as you'll have happy and healthy blunt ends on your hair shafts.

how often do we cut our hair

2. Our hair strands don't all grow uniformly, so as your hair grows, some will become longer than others. This can give your hair a rather straggly appearance, and make it seem thinner and rather tangly. This is exaggerated if you've also got breakages at the bottom. This leads to 'ghost' hair, which people often cling onto as it gives them a sense of length, when really its a few straggly ends. 

how often short hair cut

3. If you have shorter hair, you'll notice the length growing really fast, especially if you have your neck on show. You may even need a trim every 4 weeks to keep it looking really sharp. If you have a fringe, you may even need that trimmed every 2 weeks to keep it tamed and glorious. 

how often fringe trim haircut

There isn't a magical answer to how often you should get a trim, but its well worth asking a hair stylist you trust, to help you keep your hair looking its best. Your hair length, condition and goals will all determine your optimal trim-time, but you should really be aiming somewhere between 8-12 weeks as a general guide.

How long do Directions hair colours last? Are they permanent?

are la riche directions permanent

We love making hair colourful. We take inspiration from rainbows. mermaid, and unicorns to create fabulous hair. We tend to use La Riche Directions for these fun colours, although we do sometimes use L'Oreal, Crazy Colour and Adore to get the exact shades we want. The question we get asked the most is, "How long do these rainbow colours last?".

La Riche themselves do not specify the length of time their colours last, so I promise we're not being purposefullly shady when we say that "it just depends and isn't predictable".

do directions colours last

The colours are officially a semi-permanent, but this doesn't mean it will definitely just fade out of your hair, as if they were never there. The inner core of the hair shaft can become stained, and you may find your hair just won't shift the final residue from that time you went bright green. Some colours fade better than others, so definitely ask us if you're not sure!

rainbow hair london

The colours fade with washing, so washing as little as possible is key. Aim for about once a week to start with. They also get stripped with certain shampoos, sulphates are a particular offender, however salon-quality shampoos do tend to generally offer more protection than cheap ones. Anti-dandruff shampoos are what we suggest if you're trying to strip your own colour, so definitely stay clear if you're trying to protect yours!

If you have an all over colour, you can easily add some of your Directions to your conditioner, and give yourself a weekly colour refresh, without too much faff. They don't damage your hair, so feel free to top up as much as you like at home!

The dipdye hasn't gone anywhere! - Low Maintainence Hair Colour

dipdye london salon

I can still remember when we started leaving a root when colouring, and the moment I first saw it, and laughed, thinking that the world had finally gone bananas. But years have passed, and a blended root is not going anywhere!

contrast root shoreditch

Why is it such a popular option? It allows people who want a lower maintenance colour option to still play with fun rainbow colours, without the commitment. You can leave much longer between hair appointments, and this suits some people.

rainbow dip dye london

What's the catch? Some people leave their root completely natural, and this is pretty awesome as there is  no-regrowth. It's just up to you when you want to refresh or fade the colour at the bottom. However, many people paint the contrast root in. This may be to cover greys, or just for a more pleasing aesthetic, as generally a much darker root looks 'better'. This means you'll still suffer from regrowth, but you may find it more livable if it is close to your natural shade.

blue demin dip dye

When painting in a dark root, you also need to consider the longer term plan. Many of us have no long term plan with our hair, which is fun and carefree, but remember that the dark root will grow down, and you may find it limiting as to what colour can go over it. Your hairdresser can definitely help advise you as to what would work best for you!

The dipdye isn't going anywhere for now, and it's still a very popular option at Rockalily Cuts, and we still love doing them! Do contact me if you have any queries about your own hair, always happy to help!

Pimping the salon with an Ella Masters mural


Here is my little salon, my extension of myself sat out in the street for everyone to judge. Since moving salons permanently last year, this shop front has become more critical, but a little neglected. Grey doesn't really represent how colourful we are on the inside. When we're closed, it's fine, we have kickarse graffiti from Binty, but when we're open....dullsville.

A confession. I'd already arranged for my talented pal Ella Masters to give me a wonderful mural, but I got impatient one sunny day and had a go myself. So impatient that I didn't have brushes and had to use salon tint brushes. Lols. Clearly a homemade attempt, it was fun but not satisfying, as it looked so shoddy.

ella masters mural

The salon has a lot of work on its walls from Ella, so having her paint the front just felt so right. I was her keen and enthusiastic assistant, ready to colour in between any lines that I couldn't fuck up.

rockalily cuts and ella masters

We were blessed with a sunny day, and I watched Ella sketch out her design ideas with pencil. Once we were sure, we got going with the outlines. It was so exciting watching it all come together, and I got quite confident with my assistant skills!

ella masters mural shoreditch

In total, it took the two of us about 13 hours I think (over two days)? With a break for lunch and a chat of course. 

ella masters reeree rockette 2017

I'm sure you'll agree it's a million times better than the plain wall, and my shoddy attempt at some pot plants. I just can't create things of beauty, its not a skill my body possesses. But I found it so joyous to be able to take part in creating something this cool. Was good for the soul.


It was just wonderful to spend two sunny days with a good pal, doing something creative. It obviously looks wicked, that goes without saying, but it was lovely to do as well. Forces you to put your phone down for a little bit and focus on the now - very mindful!

rockalily cuts shop front 2017

So a huge Rockalily thank you to Ella, you've given us the face lift we needed. If you want some Ella Masters in your life too, head over to her shop now.

Highlighted blonde to white blonde bombshell with Olaplex

highlighted blonde to platinum white blonde

It may seem like it should be easy to go from a natural highlighted blonde to a more striking platinum blonde, but it takes commitment and patience. The picture on the far left is 3 months ago, and the far right picture is on the 3rd colour appointment.

The middle picture is the colour we achieved in the first appointment, and we knew it was a transition shade! Appointment two isn't shown here, but we played with going pink, as we continued to try and even out all of the blonde tones.

The gorgeous creamy platinum was achieved with regular trims (every appointment), Olaplex and patience. We can't always get the hair we want full stop, but we can sometimes if we're willing to commit to a process. This level of blonde requires appointments every 6 weeks - find out why here, if you want a clean even tone you can't get lazy!