Tackling my hair.....from black to pink?

So, I have had dyed black hair for many years now. I am naturally a medium blonde. Earlier in the year I got my black stripped out by Miss Betty and a bright red put on. At some point, I got bored of the upkeep red requires, and put black over it again.

Yesterday I got the sudden idea of going pink. But I cannot afford to get a hairdresser to do it (although by the end I may well have spent the same amount of money!)...so last night I attempted to strip it.

I bought the Live Color XXL absolute platinum and a cheaper Superdrug Colour Performance Lightener. I bought Pink Carnation Directions for the colour.

The Superdrug lightener was harder to mix (I got powder everywhere!) and the Live Colour was also easier to put on the hair (as it was smoother).

After two bleacing sessions (neither was too long as I am nervous!), I was left with an orange head of hair complete with blonde roots.




The pink didn't really take at

all, and I am still orange with white roots. Here is an early morning picture (with quite an odd set!).


I am off today to get more bleach and more pink. Fingers crossed.


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