#surgeondinner - Operation Dinner (and me in scrubs)

Last night I was invited to a special sort of dinner experience, a surgeons' dinner to celebrate the iphone game 'Surgeon Sim', a modern day take on Operation, that old boardgame we used to play as kids. This game is pretty gruesome though and not for the faint hearted!

On arrival, I was given some scrubs to change into, and handed a bag of "warm and chunky sick" which was handed to us in a chemist's bag and straws. I nervously expected the drink to be warmed soup (eeek) but luckily it was just a hot wine/cider? Yum!

The operating theatre came complete with 'Bob', a real life victim/patient for us. He had us in stitches, telling us about his "life"....poor Bob still thought it was 1989, he he. Such an interesting immersive experience!

We were treated to 4 courses , mine were the vegetarian options, but the other guests had much more realistically meaty food, including real bone marrow direct from a bone. Blimey!

I have to hand it to them, it's hard to create a press/promo event that captures people's attentions now-a-days, but the attention to detail was great! Syringes, drips, urine sample cups a-plenty! 

I squealed, laughed and jumped - what a great evening!