Super Quick Bumper Bang Rockabilly Hair Tutorial

rockalily bumper bang tutorial

Recently I've started to find my inner badass again. I got a little lax with my dress, but I've always believed how we dress massively impacts how we feel. I was feeling overwhelmed and I'd gained weight. So I dressed more casual. I felt more casual. But slowly "Vegas Ree" is returning. The bumper bang is a small but critical return to dressing how I feel best. It makes quick and casual hair look killer instead!

I was asked how I do a bumper bang, so I instagram-storied it. I was amazed at how many messages I got from women saying they found it really useful and wanted to give it a go, so I decided to save it to Youtube to make it live longer than 24 hours.

I know you're not meant to double-dip like that, but sod it. I break rules. So here it is, my instagram story on youtube. Sue me.