Sunny days means cycling to work!

About a year and a half ago I somehow got the idea to get a bike, to cycle to work. Now, I hadn't cycled since I was about 10, when my parents couldn't afford to get me a bike to fit me as I outgrew my previous one. I don't drive so the roads made me a little nervous. Somehow I ended up buying this little bike, a Dahon Sweetpea, which is basically a small adult/teen sized folding bike. I loved it. It felt small enough to be in control of.

However, it has teeny wheels which means it isn't that fast, and is quite bumpy, and it has no gears. I had gained the confidence I needed, and developed a love for cycling to work on sunny days, so I decided to upgrade.

Somehow, I went from one extreme to the other, from teeny wheels to oversized wheels. I even had one bike shop tell me that this size of wheels doesn't exist (well...yes it does, I have a pair at home!).

I bought this bike off ebay, and it got shipped to me in the post, partly built, and luckily I had some co-workers who were able to build it up for me. A heads up - they may say its easy to build at home but there is no way I could have done it. Wouldn't buy half built again.

I didn't want to spend a lot on the bike, but I wanted it to look right. I loved the dipped bar, which gave it a retro feel. I picked off the horrible modern stickers on it.

The best things I ever did was eventually change the handlebars and seat. I bought Amsterdam-style handlebars to add to the retro-feel, but also to add comfort. The seat is a genius purchase. Previously I had had a gel seat cover to try and soften the ride, but it still wasn't great. I got a whole new seat put on, and it is incredible what a difference it makes. Wish I had done it earlier.

I added the basket (which is removable), and I have two different panniers (a single and a double - see pics).


 I have had a break from cycling due to the miserable winter weather, and am sadly unsurprised by how unfit I am, now that I have started again. My journey used to be an easy ride, but currently finding it a bit of an effort!

I've shown me mine, now show me yours!


P.s - Fleur de Guerre has already shown us the new bike she bought for The Tweed Run