Sunday Shopping - Sleek Palette, Jewellery Stand and Comic Print


Today started on a downer as my plans fell through, but as the sun was shining I was determined to throw my glumness away and head on out with a smile. I managed to find a local car boot sale, but sadly it was all crap. Onwards and upwards, so I decided I was still in a shopping mood. And I had a great shopping trip!

Usually shopping trips in actual shops, as opposed to my usual habitat on charity shops, get pretty stressful and I give up. I usually find clothes don't fit as I expect, or I'm not sure what size to get, or the lighting just makes me want to poke my eyes out. But today's first effort made me grin. This skirt is super stretchy, and therefore super comfy, and despite trying on the smaller size and then the larger size on over and over and over, I eventually decided on the perfect fit. It's rather crazy but I love it.

The girls at the salon both bought disco pants recently and we joked I should get some blue ones so that we can have disco pant day. Well I'm ready! Disco pants are tight, shiny, and not exactly flattering, but they're pretty kick arse.

I have always wanted a jewellery stand but they're all pretty twee/crap/tacky so I was pleasantly surprised to find one that was pretty cool.

I have wanted a nude palette since I've been experimenting with a mini palette I got in Vegas, and I treated myself to the Sleek one today. I also got the contouring kit and my fail-safe foundation. It was 3 for 2 in Superdrug!

It's rare I go high street shopping and enjoy it, but today it was just what the doctor ordered! I also bought a new camera, but more on that later!