Stylist Network - Meet Your Mentor with Cherie Blair CBE

 Last night I headed to a Stylist event about business mentoring, with Cherie Blair as key note speaker.

Me and Pip Jolley kitted ourselves out in her jewellery, and got going. 

We couldn't resist a couple of quick instagram pics along the way, but I promise we were taking the event seriously! I run Wonderful Women , and although we definitely all support each other, I definitely feel like I sometimes act as a mentor to one or two of the #wwmoobs in some ways. My journey is slightly further along than some members, or I have just read more books.

I did actually receive some official mentoring right when I quit my job, but it wasn't ever really the right fit. I'm now scoping the idea of finding a more suitable mentor for me!

 As well as Cherie Blair, we also heard from Sophie Cornish, Jan Constantine and Cassandra Stavrou. Some had experienced free mentoring, while some paid for it, and Cherie was even mentored by Hilary Clinton!

I find these sort of events aren't necessarily about learning something new, they're about being reminded or pushed towards something that made sense to you anyhow. They give you a focused time to review your progress from a different angle, and I always come away buzzing with new ideas.