Struggling with bootcamp, but turning my frown upside down

This was my face after a particularly tough session with GoodGym, and I was feeling a little down about it. GoodGym is a local running club, which merges running, meeting new people and helping the community. You usually run to a project, spend 30-40 mins doing the activity (gardening, moving things, painting etc) and then run back. There is usually time for some strength training, led by the leader of the group. 

A couple of hours before the most recent session, the community project pulled out, leaving us all with no task, so our leader ran us to the park and we did some extra training instead. This meant no 'break' doing the activity, and partaking in fitness routines more like a bootcamp. Blimey. 

For the first time in a while I felt really unfit. And that feeling is never a nice one.  I largely kept up, and I wasn't the slowest or weakest, but I was definitely hovering at the bottom of the pile. It was a boiling hot too, and I definitely realised running back that I preferred long distance running to shorter running. I found my zone running back and started to feel better again.

However tough it felt at the time, I'm trying to feel proud, and turn it into a more positive experience. I didn't quit. When it was hard, and my back wanted to give out, I didn't quit. A reminder that I'm not pushing my body that hard is a good one too, exercise is about always moving the goalposts, and stretching ourselves. It's only exercise if it's effort!