Stripping black hair to red or pink?

I received a question today, based on some blog posts of mine about stripping my dyed black hair to pink. A lovely lady has asked about changing her black hair to red. I get a lot of google hits to my blog with the same sort of queries, so thought I would give my opinion here, all in one place:

I am a natural blonde, but have had black hair for many years now. A while back I wanted to get to a bright red, and went to the hairdresser (Miss Betty) to get it stripped professionally. However, at some point I got bored, and went black again.

My first blog post detailing my home attempt at going from black dye to pink showed how I chose more diluted bleach, rather than the super strong hair dresser strength stuff. My hair is in good condition. I don't use heat on it (apart from the fringe), and it was recently cut short, so all the hair was strong and new. However I didn't want to risk super strength bleach on it.

As you can see in the blog post above, I was left with a bright orange head of hair - even after two bleaches. Perhaps I should have been more brave and left the bleach on for longer!

I tried again, adding another bleach to my orange hair to get it to a pale blonde. I resorted to using crazy colour to get a bright colour, but it wasn't the pink I had wanted.

I tried bleaching it again for a fourth time! I stripped the bright pink out, seeing if I could get a paler pink colour.

To be honest I never got there, and got fed up with always having roots - without bleaching the roots every 3 weeks I couldn't get the pink to hold there. I also got fed up with having to scrub the bath each and every time!  I have now gone to a dark purple, so I no longer have roots.


So, can you get black hair red? My hair was dyed black, so it is a little bit different than having naturally black hair. I had red hair, but it was always a more orange shade, so I got fed up with it. To get a bright bright red you need to add something like crazy colour to maintain it. It is a lot of work, but can look stunning. I also had pink hair, but obviously it also takes a lot of upkeep. Hats to anyone who maintains it for a long time!