Street Harassment - Hollaback London!

Following on from my ranting on twitter about Eamonn Holmes using victim blaming language on This Morning (telling a rape victim that he hoped she would take taxis home from now on) I experienced some nasty street harassment.

I was at the bus stop at about 7pm, and noticed a man looking at me as he was on the phone. Now I sometimes do get looked at due to how I look, but it definitely felt a little more creepy than usual. However he walked away from the bus stop (looking back at me) so I didn't think much more about it.

He walked back towards me at the bus stop, and came close. I really thought he was about to snatch my phone, and my heart was racing. He whispered loudly 'I like your pussy'. But walked away. I was actually more relieved that i had my phone, but I was shaking.

I could see the bus finally coming, and I moved towards the curb. As I was about to board the bus, he came up behind me again, and whispered loudly at my, 'I want to fuck your pussy'. I boarded the bus, and checked he hadn't got on with me.

I was shaking but fuming with anger. Anyone who follows me on twitter would have seen my anger! How dare he make me scared like that?!

It reminded me of an awesome campaign - Hollaback

There is also Stop Street Harassment which is full of scary statistics like, ''In a 2008 study of 811 women conducted by Stop Street Harassment, almost 1 in 4 women had experienced street harassment by age 12 (7th grade) and nearly 90% by age 19.''

I have the right to walk down the street and feel safe. Street harassment limits women’s peace of mind and freedom. It matters.