Stop insta-shaming - In defence of coffee pictures and selfies

I posted this picture on instagram this week, speaking out against the snobbery of those of look down on people who 'instagram'. 

I've actually written briefly about this before - In Defence of The Selfie but I've noticed the snobbery grow rather than fade.

I hear the moaning, "Why do these hipsters post pictures of their coffee or their dinner?? Who cares?!" But all I hear is snobbery. Firstly, if you find the sharing of snapshots of someone's life so annoying, just don't look. Secondly, if that sort of thing annoys you, may I suggest you gain some perspective? Its just a picture of coffee. It's just someone sharing their mini moment of joy.

Social media has two elements, the sharing part, and the media part. What else is worthy of sharing if not the realities of our every day life? Enjoying a coffee, what we've worn that day, some graffiti we notice on the way to work. We share joy, and we seek connections to others.

Instagram encourages us to find beauty in the small moments. We become joy-seekers and where's the harm in that?