Stealing the habits of tidy people

Trying to steal the habits of tidy people

I'm not a naturally clean or tidy person; never have been. It must form part of our personality structures, some people just keep a tidy house, and others don't.

I used to joke that I was too interesting to be tidy, but in actual fact, I've probably been allowed to cultivate my bad habits as I live alone in a house too small for dinner parties.

Recently I've been working on having a tidier home, to give me a clearer mind (and to have the occasional guest!) and these are my top 3 tips that have been working for me

1. If you move anywhere (to another room, to the bathroom, to another part of your room) take anything with you that needs to go back. Make every little journey be productive.

2. Try and give every item a place where it lives. So you know where to return it to with little fuss or thought. Try and give it a home right near to where it is used most. Things should be able to grasp when you need them. Makes it easier to just put them back too.

3. Work on decluttering - it's easy to tidy if you own less stuff. I've been reading a lot of 'stuff' and watching videos on youtube for inspiration. I'm not there yet, but definitely making progress!