Starting a new job...first day nerves

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I've been in an odd position over the past few months, in that I've been actively looking for a new job (read more here), as well as recruiting for an executive under me at my current digital agency job, while also recruiting for salon staff at Rockalily Cuts. This has meant that I have been rewriting my own CV and attending interviews, while also sifting through hundreds of other people's CVs. A foot on both sides of the fence if you will.

Starting a new job is usually exciting, and most often a little nerve wracking.  You hope that you'll be capable, and that the job is what you'd imagined it to be. You hope that you make friends, and that you fit in. You hope that your boss is reasonable and understanding.

I start my new job in 2.5 weeks and I excited about its potential, while nervous about the commute that I'm not used to. I'm looking forward to that feeling of a new start; a fresh page.

I'm hoping to fall back in love with my blog again, which got a little neglected when I started working almost 11 months ago. I'm keen to become even more creative, with my blog and at work in 2017, so watch this space!