Starbucks tasting at Soho Hotel

I'm a fan of Starbucks, both as a brand and a drink, and I can definitely get carried away talking to people who don't know the history of the company!

Did you know that the first few Starbucks stores didn't sell drinks, they just sold different beans, and wanted to help people learn about quality beans? 

Starbucks helped to create a whole new category, and if you could go back in time and ask whether people would regularly spend £3-£4 on a coffee they'd no doubt laugh in your face.

They are one of the few brands that have become nouns in themselves, Tippex, Hoover, Sellotape etc.

Anyhow, enough about my obsession with the business history of Starbucks, and back to today; a Starbucks taste session!

I was invited to a coffee and food pairing event with Starbucks at the Soho Hotel, and off I bounded (I tend to bound more than walk at times I think!).

I learned that you taste coffee in much the same way as wine, apart from the need to spit it out, you can swallow as much as you like of course! You smell it first, and then you slurp it loudly, to splash all of the coffee around your mouth.

We were tasting the 5 home blends that Starbucks offer, including their current Christmas blend. Yum! I'm usually a sugar and syrup girl, but I still enjoyed tasting them all straight as espresso shots. I  may well be up all night though!