Spread a Little Love: Nominate Someone To Win A Rockalily Lipstick


Sometimes we need a little reminder to say thank you to the awesome people in our lives. Can you think of a fabulous lady who deserves a little boost?

Tell us why they are fabulous or why they deserve a pick-me-up and they may win a Rockalily Lipstick.

All you need to do is choose someone you'd like to win a lipstick. It may be to say thank you, sorry, or a general you're amazing and nominate them via facebook. You can nominate more than one person - spread the love!



''I think @xxxxxxx should be given a Rockalily Lipstick because...''


  • You must tag your nomination in the post (by adding @ in front of their name) so that I can contact them if they win.


Even if your nomination doesn't win, I'm sure that your vote will help brighten their day!


1. I choose the winner/s and my decision is final

2. The closing date is 29th September, and winners have 7 days to supply their address

3. Any nominations not tagged may not be eligible