Finding some time to go un-digital

spa experience walthamstow

I always laugh when people say to me, "Relax, get your nails done," because as a former-addict to acrylics, there isn't usually anything relaxing about having your nails done. It's not like a massage, where you unwind and treat your body to something delightful. For me, getting my nails done was just general maintenance. The tri-weekly trip was an annoying trip to slot into my diary, to have someone make my nails glittery. It didn't bring joy, but having my nails all pretty did. 

I gave up acrylics this year (not forever, but for a while), so when I was offered a spot to review a local spa experiece, with some glittery gel nails, I of course said yes! So off I hopped on a bus to Spa Experience Walthamstow. This experience was gifted, but all words and thoughts are my own of course. And as usual, my reviews aren't really reviews, more a thought prompt!

wathamstow spa

I have to say, walking up to a local leisure centre didn't give me high hopes, but once inside, the spa was tucked away and it looked pretty cute. Phew. I didn't bring my swimsuit, but I did get into a dressing gown and lay down in a dark room.

watham cross spa day

It can be weird, can't it, just stopping. Giving our brain some time to just wander. We all have our phones next to us at all times, and are such short attention spans now. I remember when I'd happily carry a book in my bag, to indulge in downtime, but the books go unread now. My phone even works on the underground, and long train journeys have wifi. I'm never really not browsing. How depressing.

The rare times I allow my brain to just settle, even if my inner voice is still chattering away, I always feel great. I either come up with a great idea, or just find some clarity or peace. Yet, the digital addiction is real. Browse, browse, check, browse. It's almost hypotising at times isn't it?

So, a vow to myself for 2018 is to develop some un-digital time back into my life. I've started at the end of this year, by volunteering (put my phone away for 3 hours while I work with children), by attempting some embroidery (keeping fingers busy) but I really want to do as my knuckles say, and READ MORE. I'm going to find a small pocket of time, to read something that is on paper, not a screen. This shouldn't feel so hard, I'm an ex-librarian for goodness sake! So bring it....the books are coming back.

Oh yeah, the spa experience was lovely, and I'd go back. There, I even reviewed it too ;-)