Southbank Christmas Market with Sailor

christmas market at southbank

If you haven't met Sailor yet, she's my Borrow My Doggy mate (Tinder for Dogs) and she arrived yesterday morning like a little drowned red squirrel due to the rain! After a good rub down and waiting for the rain to stop, we headed out for a day trip.  

pomerarian puppy

If you ever want to experience extra joy in the world, take an extremely small dog about town. You'll hear gasps, people bursting out into a joyful giggle and strangers wanting to tell you how cute it is.  We rode the bus to London Bridge, and awaited my friend with her young toddler.

It turns out that Sailor isn't a fan of babies, which luckily due to her size is funny, rather than too annoying. Little dogs definitely seem to suffer from short-stature syndrome.

rekordalig cider lodge southbank

After walking along the river to Southbank, we swung by the Rekorderlig Cider Lodge for a hot fruity cider. Yum. 

Don't be fooled by her cuteness while she licks my face. She randomly decided she didn't like one lady in the cider lodge (who was minding her own business) and kept barking at her. Whoops! She's usually as good as gold, but maybe the cider fumes were making her extra ballsy ;-)

The actual Christmas market was a let down, no music playing (perhaps they only play it at night time?) and the stalls were pretty rubbish. I'd hoped to get into the seasonal spirit after decorating my little christmas tree at the weekend, but it failed to get my bells in a jingle. I'm off to Winterville next to see if that can fare any better!