Some of my favourite Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender Photos and Memories

My third trip to Viva Las Vegas is nearly here, and I've been getting excited about the colourful sights that await me! I thought I'd share some of my favourite Vegas pictures/memories from my prior visits.

Viva Las Vegas 13 - 2010

For the first half of the week I was traveling solo, and just finding my confidence, but buying this Bettie Page dress (which I still wear tons now, its lasted so well) made me feel ace. I felt like I could take on the world, and marched out to a comedy show with a bounce in my step. I had been feeling fat and frumpy, but this dress was just super flattering.

A few days later I had the pleasure of sharing my room with Luna Rosa, an awesome burly lady from London. We hit the cocktails (Fat Tuesdays always feature in my Vegas trips) at 11am, and went shopping! This photo made us giggle lots, so it always reminds me of a good time.

Fat Tuesdays was a daily visit ;-)

Ironically, I have never been very drunk in Vegas, just tipsy (all day), but my fav pics all seem to feature drinks! I look so young here! My eyebrows need saving, and my victory rolls are pretty lame, but I felt fab. I was wearing my Vivien of Holloway sarong dress for the pool party.

My first trip to Viva Las Vegas, wasn't my first trip to Vegas, but it was definitely a mile stone in my 'transition' to a more alternative permanent look. Here I am on my first Vegas trip......I'm hardly recognisable! It was four years before my Viva trip.

And, where my love for Fat Tuesdays started......

Back to Vegas.......

You have to get a taxi cab to the sign, and wait your turn for a pic with no one else in it. It was extremely windy that day, so we struggled with our dresses, but we were determined to get a snap!

Viva Las Vegas 15 - 2012

Two years on, I was able to afford a trip to Viva once more. And where better to start than with Fat Tuesdays! I introduced the girls to my favourite thing, and they all fell into the fat Tuesdays trap. Can I get some sponsorship over here? ;-)

The Neon Boneyard was amazing, and I now recommend it to everyone going to Vegas. You have to book tickets before going, so best to do it from home, as it's only open on limited days.

This picture wasn't a happy memory at the time, but now makes me laugh out loud. We flew indirect, and I have never wanted to hurt somebody more than at this moment. Flight two, after being awake a long time.....with no food or entertainment for a four and a half hour second flight. I was fuming with misery. It was at this point I vowed to do all I could to never fly indirect to Vegas again. I'm flying direct this year.....thank flip.

My favourite day, as it was in 2010, was the Viva Car Show. It's a vivid, hot, and pretty darn sexy day if I'm honest! Everyone dresses up, and how can you not feel awesome in the sunshine surrounded by the most amazing cars I've ever seen?


Getting tattooed is always a pleasure, and I have made it a tradition to get a Viva tattoo! In 2010, I actually got two! At Viva 2012, I got an impulsive hand tattoo. Who knows what will happen this year!

That first moment I step onto the Vegas strip, in the sunshine, my heart always soars. It's bright, brash, loud and neverending. The perfect holiday!

Bring it on VLV16.