Social Media and Blogging Masterclass

On Thursday I get to don my reporter hat, and record the exciting happenings of 'Cyber Savvy with Cherry Sorbet: Social Media and Blogging Masterclass'.

Jo Gifford and Cate Sevilla will lead the half day course, covering topics such as:

- How to handle criticism of your brand on social media

- Learn why social media and blogging are important to your brand

- Basic “geek skills’ every blogger should know

- How to create blog content that’s interesting and relevant to your brand

- Do’s and don’ts in blogging and social media

- The basics on how to write a blog post and interact in social media

I will be tweeting live from the event with the hashtag #CSOMB so feel free to follow me to get in on the action. Or even better, come and join us - there are a few final tickets left!