Snupps - my review of the new app to organise and share your own stuff

*This is a sponsored post but all views/content are mine*

I was recently asked to try a new app called snupps (you can view my profile here), which seems to be a blend of pinterest and instagram. I'm a bit of an internet geek, and social media addict so of course I said yes!

Although snupps certainly seems to have a social element in that you can follow people, and 'wow' their pictures, it wasn't created with that focus.

Snupps was created as a way to basically inventory your stuff. Pinterest is largely mood boards of inspiration, or things that you dream of, and instagram offers snapshots of our lives, in that moment. Snupps aims to be allow us to access basically an instagram of things we actually already own.

Initially it was born from the need to track lost items for an insurance claim, but now has users using their snupp 'shelves' for a variety of mixed uses.

I had a ponder as to how I could use it, and created three shelves to give it a play.

  1. I read a lot of business and motivational books, and get asked about them. I'm such a believer in the power of thoughts and internal narratives, and devouring books allow yourself to create new mental tapes. I created my 'Favourite Business Books' to showcase some of my current favs.
  2. I wear black eyeliner each and every day, and of course, like many of you, I own far more than I use. I do find that when I'm browsing the beauty aisle I forget which ones I've already tried; they all look so blimmin' alike! So I created a Black Eyeliners shelf which could act as a visual reminder when looking to try something new.
  3. At my salon Rockalily Cuts, we often get asked for product recommendations, so I set up a shelf of hair products we love.

I read an interesting small business case study on the snupps blog, about a woman who crafts, and she inventories all of her supplies, so that she knows what she has, and can search by keyword etc. You could also drag and drop an item once you'd used it, perhaps to a shopping list shelf to replace it?

They talk on their website about being able to drag and drop items on shelves, for example, if you had all of your clothes on a shelf, you could drag and drop items you moved into storage, or took on holiday. I haven't actually managed to find out how to do that just yet, perhaps its only on the app version! (I've been using the web version as it's not yet on android).

The app was launched with $5m investment (blimey!) so it will be interesting to see whether it becomes another regular feature of our lives! What would you create personal inventories of?