Smokey eye tutorial - rockabilly make up

Here is this morning's makeup, before and after. My take on smokey eye make up, with a small bit of contouring thrown in.

I start with a Mac paint pot, in soft ochre which I use as a primer. I bought this one myself, and I really notice the difference if I don't apply it (or another primer). It makes the eye make up last the day without creasing or disappearing. Well worth the investment.

You can see it just evens out the colour of my eyelid.

I use an Illamasqua eyeliner (their s.o.p.h.i.e pencil), which is a new additional to my make up routine. I didn't ever think pencil had a place in my routine, but I've been convinced! I also bought this one.

I apply it messily. Don't worry about the line, we will be smudging the crap out of it!

I use quite a blunt brush and I am brushing downwards towards my eyelash line. The brush will pick up the pencil. If you brush up it will just end up by your eyebrow!

I then add some extra black. This Bourjois powder was given to me for review, but I use it almost daily now. I use the same brush as I smudged with to pat the powder onto the eye. I'm not dragging the powder across, just patting onto the skin firmly.

It's still pretty messy, don't worry!

I'm now softing the black with an Urban Decay glitter powder called Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. I apply over all of the black - again patting on, not brushing over. I use a softer brush to blend the lines together. I take the browny colour up higher than the black, but not quite up to my eyebrow line.

I use an angled brush to apply some concealer at the brow line, where it will arch. I then blend this in with the softer brush again.

Now my ever faithful eyeliner. I love Mac LiquidLast (it survives showers) and I buy it over and over. I then whack some mascara on, I'm not particularly bothered about which one, as long as its waterproof.

I use Beautiful Brows, which come with stencils, but I forgot to bring my stencil to work! So I used the angled brush to just apply the powder straight on.

I then use a cotton bud to wipe away any mascara, powder or liner. This is why it can be good to do your eyes before you apply your foundation!

I use a liquid foundation, and I love Max Factor ageless elixir. I've started applying it with a brush, and I've been loving this brush from Thin Lizzy, which was given to me to review. It's meant to be for applying mineral powder.

Gosh I love foundation.

I have been trying to improve my ability to contour my face. I use Illamasqua after being recommended it on a make up course. I apply it pretty roughly, from the ear to just where my eye starts. It will get blended!

Next is blusher, applied to the bit where you smile. You can see my contour powder, and my blusher powder. All about to be blended - have no fear!

I'm yet to put any lipstick or gloss on, but ta current day to day make up.