Smartbond from L'Oreal - a new Olaplex?

L'Oreal invited us to help showcase their new product, Smartbond by attending their academy with a model, for photos for their social channels. What fun! So off I went with Rockalily Cuts' senior stylist Charley for a fun day out. Or so I thought.

We arrived, to discover that we didn't have the correct form, and we therefore weren't going to be allowed to colour. What a fail. I felt pretty bad for our lovely model, who'd obviously come looking forward to a full change. 

We decided to go ahead with testing the stand alone treatment, cutting and styling, and booking her in for the full colour transformation at our salon, for another day. In an odd way, this sort of worked out, as it means we can give her a full rainbow transformation which wouldn't be possible at an official academy......he he he. Trouble makers? Us? Never.

So we've got the before, and we've got a mid-way....and the after will be following later!
Smartbond is L'Oreal's answer to Olaplex, and although we are a L'Oreal salon, we're rebels and use a variety of product ranges too. We're currently pretty loyal to Olaplex, but never say never. Watch this space!