Small ways to master your time management

It isn't just small business owners that feel that they are losing a battle with time, but when there is no exact time when you clock off, it can certainly become a more prevelant problem.

For me, the end game of running my business is that I have more free time. Not more work, but more free time. It sounds simple, but it's very hard to delegate your own business to other people, and its pretty hard to let go!

It's also challenging to switch off, to not spend the time off worrying or plotting future business plans.

One thing I have been doing this week which has been working well, is a way of getting more jobs done more efficiently. There is no point being busy for the sake of it, so its crucial to make sure the work you do do is the right work, and will prove the most effective to move your business forward (or earn you money!).

I have been keeping my email account tab closed.

Usually I would have about 5-10 tabs open, so that I can 'multi-task' and spread my awareness over many activities. However this can actually just mean I rarely focus on a single task, and end up getting distracted and spread too thin. For every single email that popped up I would stop what I was doing and check it. I would read it, and decide whether to reply right away, or to return later (and therefore reading it again before responding).

I have been keeping my email tab closed, and just logging in when I've finished each task. This means two key things. I can work on a project without being interupted all of the time. This provides a sense of control - I am in control of my time, I'm not at the beck and call of emails. Secondly, I only read an email once, and I reply straight away. I'm still working on this bit, but definitely getting better!

What do you do to try and stay focused and on task?