Sleeping troubles.....

Sleeping. I'm pretty blessed when it comes to getting asleep. I used to sleep on the bus to and from college, and can pretty much sleep anywhere. It generally takes me 3-5 minutes to fall asleep (I know because I listen to podcasts and only catch the first few minutes). I have been given this gift via my mother, and I know it's a gift as I have many friends who really struggle getting to sleep.

What I do struggle with, is anxiety dreams. I always have done, I recall the stress dreams I had when I was about 6 years old, and they have continued into my adult life. They've even led me to have counselling when I was in my early 20s.

For me, they're my pay-off for generally being pretty great at coping with stress when awake. I'm pretty skilled at bouncing back, finding the slither of hope or the silver lining when life gets tough. However, it means my anxieties can bubble up when my brain is relaxing while I sleep. I have all the classic anxiety dreams - trying to get somewhere, but not being able to etc. My main one is generally being told I have to go back to school as I've been found out as not being qualified (classic imposter syndrome stuff).

Recently I've had a new sleeping affliction; waking up through out the night. I don't have trouble getting back to sleep, but it can't be good having broken sleep. Perhaps I need to try earplugs as I live on a very busy street.