Skeleton Stuff from Etsy -#shopsmall

Halloween is creeping towards us, like a cheesy comic book villain trying to be quiet which crashing obviously into the room. We're thinking about costume ideas, but remember it can be a great excuse to spend your hard earned money with a small business. 

This skeleton cat suit is a bit brilliant!

This is a handpainted skeleton latex dress if you're  a latex fan

If you want something a little more simple,how about a handmade skeleton dress?

Want something even more simple than the dress? Skeleton bow?

Even more subtle? How about a cat skeleton necklace just to give a hint of halloween.

halloween print dress.jpg

Want your skeletons to have some groove in their step? How about this dancing dress?

Want the opposite of subtle? How about this homemade gown?

This bone tiara is made from chicken bones........stay away from stray cats ;-)