Should your business have more than one instagram account?

Over the years I have taught and talked to other small businesses about their social media strategies, whether in a 1-to-1 twitter tutorial, or a talk at Blogstock about the need to define and create a niche for your brand.

I often get asked about the need (or not) to have multiple social media channels, for example should a business owner have a separate twitter feed, or a separate instagram account.

I tend to come to my answer in a rather backwards fashion. What reason would your customer have to follow your twice? Will each stream have a definied and different narrative from each other? What can the second stream offer the customer that is different from the first? You want to add, not dilute.

I work quite hard to create separate but equal narratives on my multiple streams. I thought I'd look at my two instagram accounts as an example. In this first picture you can see the 10 most liked pictures from @Rockalily, the account that follows me, as a person.

These are the ten most liked photos from @RockalilyCuts, my business' account. Three of these photos are actually of my hair, but the crucial difference is that photos don't get replicated.

I'm a big believer that replicating content is a surefire way of irritating followers, and gives them no incentive to follow both. They're mostly likely to unfollow one, and just stick to one stream of content.

Having mulitple social media streams is a lot of work, particularly if you want to create a solid narrative for people to engage in, and so working out whether it's even worth it, is well worth while before you start!