Should I quit my part time job to become self employed?

I used to be a teacher and a school librarian, and deciding to leave that safe career path for an unknown journey to become self employed was a massive decision.

I know I'm not alone is choosing to make the leap, and I always remember one piece of advice that my Mother gave me, that I still live by.

I had already quit my main job, but had got a part time job in a Cabaret club (in the office) to help pay the bills. I reached a stage when I wasn't sure when to quit the part time job and go 100% self employed. 

I would flip between doing both, but sometimes being too busy to commit enough hours to launching my business, but knowing that if I stopped the part time job I would have a portion of time when my money would be very very short.

The advice I was given:

"Sometimes you need to create space first, before it can be filled" (or words to that effect)

I actually often repeat this advice to friends in regards to dating. If we fill up our time (and hearts) with those who are not right for us, we don't have the space for the better ones to find us. The space can scare people, having to let go and freefall for a time, but I honestly believe it's crucial. 

With my journey to self employment, I took steps, but knew that I had to keep on stepping. So I didn't create a space too large to fill (by going from full time to nothing) but after a while, I knew that the part time work had to stop. I knew that I needed that space lingering over me to keep pushing to fill it.

It can be scary, but sometimes the space needs to happen before the filling. I'm sure there is a snazzier way I could write that phrase, but I'm yet to find one.