Short hairstyles for Women

Need some short hair inspiration? Bobs, pixie cuts, lobs, and super cute bangs; take a look at our pinterest board to get you itching to get yourself near some hairdressing scissors.

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I've recently cut my hair short, and although it's taken a while to adjust to it, I'm really starting to love having short hair! 









I've definitely bought into the idea that society seems to sell us; that long hair is sexy and feminine, and losing my long hair has really challenged me to find my own version of sexiness with short hair. But actually, I can see why women keep it shorter. It's quicker to style, and less faff generally. It has a certain 'power' to it; an edge I didn't have to find when I had longer hair.

I actually think I'll keep it short for a while, I'm getting a blue half wig made, and then I can really have the best of both worlds!