Shit Tattoos Happen (with a tattoo machine from ebay)

Shit tattoos happen. And they tend to happen when people order tattoo machines on ebay.

Judge Rinder, the court room reality show on ITV featured a tattoo case recently. This lady went to a party, knowing she'd get a drunken and free tattoo from this gentleman. After buying his tattoo machine on ebay, he'd been practicising on synthetic skin. She arrived at the party, drunk, and not yet knowing what she wanted.

She selected her bum as the perfect place, as she knew he was practicising and not "professional". She chose the words "Shit Happens".

You can see half of her tattoo in the picture (ITV blurred the first word out).

After starting, he realised what a stupid idea it was, and another man (not featured) completed it.

The woman claimed that it ruined her life, she couldn't model, nor could she get spray tans. She wanted him to pay for the removal.

She was awarded £900, the quote given by a laser removal company, but denied any compensation for future scarring, due to her own involvement.

 My initial response was that she was a grown up, and made a poor choice that she deserved to pay to fix herself. However, on reflection I changed my mind somewhat. Tattooists legally have to follow legal guidelines (being registered and following health and safety) etc. He didn't charge,which makes the legalities somewhat grey, but he does/should have a duty of care.

If a registered legal tattooist gives you a terrible tattoo, you are able to sue  to get it corrected. They is a duty of care created with the contract of tattooing someone. So actually, I feel good that he had to pay to fix it. It sends the message that we all need to take care when we purchase and use objects that can damage or scar people. In addition, she gave drunken consent, which legally isn't consent.