Having a crap day at work? Try these 8 ideas to turn it around!

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If you're having a rubbish day at work, here are some quick ideas to turn your frown upside down. 

1.  Give the next person you see a really big smile. Your brain can't really tell the difference between a genuine smile and a forced one, and happy chemicals are released.

2. When you answer the phone next, use a cheery tone. Over the phone the other person can't tell how much you're faking it, and you'll have a much more pleasant conversation. I used to work in a bank call centre, and always sounded super cheery. It made it hard for customers to be cross with me.

3. Do something nice for someone else. Maybe treat a team member to a cookie, or a surprise Starbucks. Or leave a sweet note on someone's desk.

4. Have a quick boogie. Put on a fun track and have a chair dance (dance with your arms) or even get up and have a dance to the coffee machine.

5. Do some cleaning. A 20 minute polish of your desk gives your brain a break, gets you moving, and gives you a nicer workspace to work in.

6. Make plans for after work. Text a mate to arrange an impulsive afterworks catch up, or invite a work colleague for a cocktail. You can at least look forward to the end of the day!

7. Change your routine. Go somewhere new for lunch, read a new book, or walk a different way to the recycling bins. Sometimes we just feel a bit stuck.

8. Go above and beyond with your next task. Doing a good job is good for the soul.