Sexist Baby Products.....Dear Boots, stop patronising our children

Today the lovely Hannah from Betwixt Beauty tweeted this photo along with:

'' Saw this and thought of @ReeReeRockette..''

Before my rant starts, I just want to take a second to reflect on how good that little tweet made me feel. To somehow be remembered for hating the gendered messages that are sent out to our children, or as being somehow known as being proud to voice feminist concerns is pretty darn cool. So thank you Hannah!

Anyhow, my rant.

Dear Boots,

Firstly, on considering this photo of two products you make and sell for toddlers, I am confused as to why a baby harness needs to be labelled as a girls or boys item? What is different about the requirement of a boy and girl toddler in a harness? 

Secondly, why do our girls have to be little cupcakes, while our boys are train drivers? It seems so wrong on many levels. Do our girls not aspire to even work? They just want to be cute and sweet? Or do parents really buy into this ideal so much so that it creates the demand for this limited option for our girls? 

Are we still at the point where parents only want blue for boys and pink for girls? So much so that you only produce these products in these colours, but also have to label them as such? Do you really sell more harnesses in these ways than ungendered packaging? Do you really sell more by supporting and promoting these backward and limiting visions of gender in children?

I am a child of the 1980s. My harness was blue. I adored my Barbies, but also wanted to be a pig farmer for most of my childhood. I had access to all toys, and am so saddened by how this strong message of gender seems to be resurfacing. Surely we have moved forward not backward in gender equality and options?

Pink is not the enemy, but why is it constantly offered as the only option for a girl? Why do boys have to be blue train drivers? 

Is this really the world we are creating for our young people? Is this the message we are happy to promote? Why can we not have options? Some girls will chose pink, some will not, but we need a fair and honest choice. It's a baby harness, it really doesn't need to be buying into this shallow and demeaning view of gender.