Sexism in razors - feminism in the hair removal department

Technically, not all ladies razors are pink/purple/yellow, leaving all men's razors with blue and grey. I know that the gilette Venus is turquoise for example. However, it still just seems a little boring that marketing departments make female and male razors so differently.

Over on instagram for example, when I posted this picture I got women agreeing that men's razors were sharper and cheaper. They also said that men's shaving foam was better too.

This surely means one of two things; either sexism in the advertising world is still rife, or that the general public still buy more if gendered stereotypical colours are used. Probably the answer lies somewhere in the middle of these two things.  Both make me sad.

Will we ever live in a world where boring things like shower gel, razors, soap, face washes don't have to be gender specific in its packaging? Will we ever have an equal spread of colours across the genders? It certainly doesn't feel that way.